YardSale: The Open Point of Sale

YardSale is an Open Source Point of Sale solution. It is designed to run on almost any hardware to help people with older machines have access to free point of sale software.

YardSale is developed by a group of North Carolina State University Engineering Entrepenuers Program Students. It started as a novel idea to transform the way small businesses maintain their Point of Sale Transactions, as well as their Employees, Customers and Inventory.

The core YardSale team consists of five Computer Scientists and one Electrical Engineer. The team leader of AS Logic Systems is Jesse Lovelace. Working directly underneath him is Adam Parrish and Mike Swigon assisting in the development of YardSale as well as researching the POS market. Jay Johnston has been working on the custom wxWidgets Controls for YardSale to allow for ease of touch screen interfacing. John Lamb has been spending a good deal of his time working on making YardSale operate on bizarre hardware, as well as getting bar code scanners and other devices to interface with our system. Cameron Watts has been filling in the blanks for us, assisting with market research as well as interface design and testing.

Name: Jesse Lovelace
Major: Computer Science, Applied Math
Year: Senior
Position: CEO and Head Developer (The Man)
Summary of Skills: Object Oriented C/C++ Programming, GUI Design, wxWidgets and wxDesigner

Name: Adam Parrish
Major: Computer Science
Year: Senior
Position: VP Development (Works for the man)
Summary of Skills: Database Design, PL/SQL, MySQL Administration

Name: Mike Swigon
Major: Computer Science
Year: Senior
Position: VP Marketing and Development (also works for the man)
Summary of Skills: C/C++ Programming, PL/SQL, Technical Writing and Document Design